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Big Lessons for Little People: Teaching Our Kids Right from Wrong While Keeping Them Healthy, Safe and Happy

The advice given in most parenting books sounds fine in theory. But it often doesn't feel right in practice. Lois Nachamie, a mother herself, teaches parenting. Her experiences with thousands of full-time and working mothers, fathers, caregivers, and children has helped her create this warm, wise, down-to-earth guide to what parents today need to teach their children in the first five formative years.

Practical tips to help you deal with the daily grind and nitty-gritty of sharing, hitting, sleeping, potty training, and toys.

Activities and exercises to help you teach your child how to choose, how to take turns, and maybe even how to read.

True tales from the trenches, where you'll see how other mothers handled problems--sometimes successfully, sometimes not.

Dealing with tantrums--your child's and yours.
Loving, fun ways to launch your little one on a glorious learning curve.

Limiting TV time and ads that give our kids the Gimmies.

Finally, the one book that does it all--offers commonsense, practical strategies to help you teach social skills and successfully set limits; present ideas about simple values and love; and invites you step into your own as a parent....

Big Lessons for Little People--the Mother's Helper you've been waiting for.