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So Glad We Waited: A Hand-Holding Guide for Over-35 Parents.
Foreword by Debra Winger.

This informative, practical, and engaging walk through the many facets of parenthood later in life combines interviews with dozens of over-35 parents with the author’s keen observations to discuss the unique redefinitions older parents experience and the specific issues they face.

"A gold-mine of riches. I recommend the final section as required reading for all beginning parents.”
--Susan Rosbrow-Reich, Ph.D.
Harvard University Health Services

"Solid and down-to-earth, parents of all ages would do well to follow her advice."
--Ronny Diamond, MSW,
Faculty, Ackerman Institute for the Family;
Director, Post-Adoption Services, Spence-Chapin

"Inimitable humor, wisdom and no-punches-pulled common sense."
—Julia Indichova
Author Inconceivable: Winning the Fertility Game

Big Lessons for Little People

Find out how to make the toughest job in the world a whole lot easier...
"Substantive food for thought along with sound and direct responses to many of the myriad questions raised in childrearing."
—Publishers Weekly

"Cuts through the jargon to offer warm and practical advice on topics today’s parents really need to hear. The Mother’s Helper you’ve been waiting for."
—Garden City Life

"Warm, wise, down-to-earth guide to what parents need to teach their children in the first five formative years. Offers common sense, practical strategies to help you teach social skills, successfully set limits and present ideas about values."
—Early Childhood Education Resources, Active Parent Publishing